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More Evidence Comes Out Showing US Scientists Knew More Than They Were Telling

by Anthony Buckley

The official narrative that we’ve heard from US senior scientists about COVID includes a complete denial that they knew anything about the virus’ possible origins in a lab, as well as denials that US authorities helped fund gain of function research in China. But newly released correspondence indicates that US officials and scientists knew a lot more than they were letting on.

Over 90 pages of communications were acquired by Judicial Watch recently, including communications between the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It makes it absolutely clear that Fauci and others were holding back crucial information about what they knew about COVID and when.

Already by early January 2020 US authorities were worried about COVID, and worried about the Chinese government’s lack of provision of important data about COVID cases. Yet the US public was continually reassured that COVID was no big deal, and that there was little risk of it spreading.

Similarly, Fauci and his ilk tried to downplay their cooperation with Chinese authorities, particularly those in Wuhan. Yet the recently published communications make it clear that US authorities were conducting extensive training with their Chinese counterparts and teaching them how to manage and maintain laboratories dedicated to researching deadly viruses.

We shouldn’t be surprised that government bureaucrats try to cover their tracks and deny wrongdoing. But when it comes to light, those bureaucrats should be punished.

Unfortunately, Fauci has been in government far too long and has become far too idolized by the left to face any consequences for his actions. He may very well die at his desk, in which case he would escape justice. But eventually more and more knowledge will come out about who knew what and when. And hopefully, just hopefully, someone might eventually be held accountable for all the damage done to so many millions of people as a result of the government’s reaction to COVID.

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