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Mueller’s Testimony to Congress Fizzles

by Richard A Reagan

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress last week in appearances that were widely panned. The consensus was that Mueller left Democrats with egg on their faces. Many analysts noticed that Mueller didn’t seem to be familiar with much of the detail of his report, almost as though he were a CEO who signed off on the report without reading it. So where will Democrats go from here?

Democrats once again tried to point to the fact that the Mueller report didn’t exonerate Trump as proof that Trump was up to something nefarious. But the Mueller investigation wasn’t set up to exonerate Trump, as that would be proving innocence, something that cannot be done. The investigation was set up to find evidence of wrongdoing, and it couldn’t come up with anything. But that’s not because investigators didn’t try.

Mueller’s investigation was led by a whole host of lawyers who donated to Obama and Hillary. Lead investigators were with Hillary on the night of the election, so the bias in the investigation was apparent. But not even a stacked deck could find clear evidence of collusion, so thin is the case against Trump. The entire case against Trump consists of wild fantasies emanating from the imaginations of Democrats still upset that their girl lost.

Don’t expect the witch hunt to stop, though. Democrats love elections when their candidate wins, but when they lose they’ll pull out all the stops to make sure that something like that never happens again. Expect to see congressional hearings continue all the way through 2020, with an obvious political bent to them. Those who have convinced themselves that Trump is guilty of something won’t let go of their convictions anytime soon.

But with the Mueller report fizzling, Democrats are going to have to dig deep to come up with a Hail Mary to dethrone Trump. Their candidates are fighting among themselves to see who can be the most socialist, which isn’t going to win over many people in the general election. Right now President Trump seems to be in the driver’s seat and should cruise to a nice easy win in 2020.

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