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Navy Could Make Unvaccinated SEALs Pay Back Training Costs

by Robert Wayne

With the US military having announced that all troops will have to be vaccinated against COVID, it’s only natural that many would rebel against such an unnecessary order. Many of America’s elite special operations warriors have been among those, including numerous Navy SEALs. But unless the Navy grants religious or medical exemptions, there’s a very high likelihood that these SEALs may be discharged from the Navy.

It’s bad enough that the Navy is willing to compromise its combat efficiency by drumming out its elite warriors. That’s especially true given the vast amount of time and money that it takes to become a SEAL. But the Navy has found a solution to that.

Not only will the Navy discharge its SEALs who refuse the vaccine, it could also force them to pay back the costs of their training, which are substantial. This has no basis in logic or reason, but is a purely vindictive measure aimed at those who refuse to become the servants of the state.

This is the same type of vindictive policy that the Biden administration is pursuing in its vaccine mandate against US businesses. Those who can’t be convinced to take this unnecessary vaccine will be punished in any and every way possible, all because the state will not allow itself to be defied.

Never mind the fact that the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID. Never mind the fact that it doesn’t keep the vaccinated from spreading COVID. Never mind the vast numbers of people who have documented reactions to the vaccine, including death. This is the line in the sand for the Biden administration, and it is doing everything it can to force compliance.

Anyone who won’t comply is deemed to be a threat to the state, as independent thinkers and those who value freedom and individual liberty are a threat to a government that seeks to become ever more totalitarian. And that’s why it is more important than ever not to comply with vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and any other government mandates. Either we fight back now, or we lose our ability to fight back forever.

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