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Need Any More Evidence That Democrats Are the Enemy?

by Anthony Buckley

The Antifa violence in cities around the country has many Americans fearful that we could be spiraling downward into a cycle of political violence. Thus far police have remained restrained, and have refrained from shooting rioters, but once blood is spilled the descent into such a crisis may no longer be able to be contained. Faced with the reality of what’s happening, what is the reaction of mainstream Democrats to Antifa’s violence?

YouTube personality Fleccas recently ran into Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, on the streets of DC. Fletcher asked Nadler if he would disavow the violence that’s currently going on in Portland, Oregon. Nadler responded that reports of violence are a “myth that’s being spread only in Washington, DC.”

That seems to be the Democrat way these days, lying about what your supporters are doing as well as what your opponents are doing. Nadler, if you remember, was one of the most strident supporters of impeachment, spinning up a huge case against President Trump with almost nothing to substantiate it. But while he will stop at nothing to lie about his enemies and make them out to be evil incarnate, he also has no qualms about lying outright to deny Antifa violence that anyone can watch over the internet.

The behavior of Democrats in downplaying and whitewashing Antifa crimes is a sea change, as establishment politicians have always defended police against violent attacks, and have always decried attacks against symbols of the US government such as courthouses. Do you remember how Democrats reacted when Ammon Bundy took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? They wanted federal police to go in and murder the whole lot of them.

But now Democrats are all but encouraging attacks against the judiciary branch and against federal law enforcement officers. The mask has come off, and Democrats have now revealed that they want to completely upend the American way of government and will only support institutions that support them, even if in contravention of their duty.

What Democrats may not realize is that their words and actions are alienating the men on the ground who enforce federal laws. The only reason people follow federal laws is because there are hundreds of thousands of heavily armed federal police willing to enforce those laws. If those men stop enforcing those laws because Democrats demonize them, then compliance with federal law would very quickly stop.

On the other hand, this could be part of a Democrat strategy to force out seasoned law enforcement officers who grow disillusioned with the lack of support they receive from legislators. And Democrats may then try to replace them with leftists who will follow orders from the Democratic Party, Democratic Socialists of America, or Antifa rather than from the President. In either case, the reality should be clear to everyone, that Democrats are no friends of the United States or its people.

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