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Political Reunion: DeSantis to Campaign for Trump as They Mend Fences in Miami

by Richard A Reagan

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has agreed to actively campaign for former President Donald Trump following a private meeting in Miami. A significant reconciliation between the two Republican heavyweights after a notably strained primary season.

The meeting, which took place on a sunny Sunday morning and lasted several hours, was reportedly organized by mutual friend and Florida real estate mogul Steve Witkoff.

This rendezvous was aimed at mending their previously contentious relationship, which soured during the intense GOP presidential primary race. [Source]

“Multiple sources confirm to @NBCNews Trump and DeSantis met in Miami this morning,” tweeted NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns. A Trump official disclosed that “DeSantis reached out two weeks ago to set up the meeting via a mutual connection to ‘bury the hatchet’ and talk fundraising.” 

This development comes after DeSantis, who had once been seen as a strong contender for the 2024 presidential nomination, endorsed Trump following the suspension of his own campaign in January 2024.

Despite their past rivalry, where Trump had derisively nicknamed DeSantis “Ron DeSanctimonious” and DeSantis critiqued Trump’s first presidential term, the two appear ready to present a united front against the Democrats in the upcoming general election.

DeSantis’s decision to support Trump extends beyond personal endorsement; he is also expected to leverage his considerable fundraising prowess.

During his presidential campaign, DeSantis raised substantial amounts, with his supporting super PAC, Never Back Down, amassing around $130 million in one quarter alone.

“DeSantis is expected to raise money for the presumptive GOP nominee, on top of campaigning for him,” sources informed The Post.

This move is seen as crucial for the Republican Party’s unity and strength, especially in light of the formidable fundraising efforts by President Joe Biden and affiliated Democratic groups, which have recently outpaced those of Trump and the Republican National Committee.

The collaboration between Trump and DeSantis signals a strategic alliance, with Trump’s campaign previously accusing DeSantis of throwing “cheap shots from afar,” and one staffer labeling him a “sad little man.”

However, following their meeting, the tone has shifted significantly, suggesting both parties are keen on consolidating support within the party.

As the political landscape heats up with the 2024 elections on the horizon, this partnership could prove pivotal.

With DeSantis rallying behind Trump, the GOP hopes to harness their combined influence to recapture the White House, setting aside past grievances for a united Republican front.

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