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Question the Narrative? You’re Fired!

by Anthony Buckley

While most of us realize by now that the hubbub around COVID is much ado about nothing, we also have the luxury of not having to deal with most of the ramifications of it. Many states with governors who realize that COVID isn’t the second coming of the plague have relaxed their mask mandates and returned to normal. Those who really can’t afford to catch COVID can take advantage of home delivery through Amazon and numerous other retailers. And both white collar workers and retirees can spend much of their time at home, thus minimizing disputes about masks. But not everyone has that luxury.

For many people in fields that require facing customers, they often have no option but to submit to state mandates. And those who don’t submit to those mandates face the prospect of losing their livelihoods.

That’s the case for an Oregon doctor who recently lost his medical license after stating that he didn’t wear masks. Dr. Steven LaTulippe stated at a pro-Trump rally that he not only doesn’t wear a mask at his medical practice, but he also encourages others not to wear masks. As a result, the Oregon Medical Board has suspended his license to practice, citing concerns about patient safety.

That’s yet another reminder that the protectors of establishment orthodoxy will brook no opposition to their mandates. Fall afoul of their dictates and the narrative they’re trying to push, and you could lose your ability to earn a living.

In a free market, Dr. LaTulippe’s patients could choose whether or not to continue visiting his practice. One would have to imagine that many of his patients enjoy the ability to visit a medical practice without feeling like the Black Death is everywhere. And if they don’t like his policy, they don’t have to frequent his practice. But leftist orthodoxy won’t allow people to make their own choices. Submit or die is their motto. And if we don’t stand up and oppose the left more forcefully, that will soon be our choice too.

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