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Questions Abound After Heated Election

by Anthony Buckley

Two days after one of the most contentious Presidential elections in history, we still don’t have a declared winner. Vote totals are so close in so many swing states that the race could go either way. One thing is clear: polls that showed an overwhelming Biden victory were clearly wrong. But questions still remain as to whether this election was as fair as many would hope.

Stories of electoral fraud or potential electoral fraud have multiplied throughout the media. Whether it’s stories of officials blocking out windows to keep vote counters from doing their jobs, locking out GOP officials, or boxes of ballots turning up that just happen to be 100% for Joe Biden, a Biden victory would have to go down with an enormous asterisk.

Several states are still in play, even those that media outlets may have called as going to Biden. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and even Arizona could become battlegrounds in the fight to count ballots and ensure that only those actually submitted by individual voters are counted. It’s certainly odd that Trump took supposed swing states like Florida and Ohio, states that he fought to take in 2016 yet significantly bettered his performance in 2020, while in states like Michigan, where popular dissatisfaction with the tyrannical governor should have meant more Republicans taking to the polls to vote for Trump, he is now behind in the count.

At this point we have to hope that the Trump campaign has hired the right lawyers who know what they’re doing to challenge results, force recounts, and invalidate ballots that show up in the middle of the night with no paper trail. We knew ahead of the election that ballot stuffing would be a problem, and now we seem to be seeing fraud in action right in front of our very eyes. While it wouldn’t be the end of the world if President Trump loses, for him to lose by fraud would significantly taint the image of our electoral process and ensure that future elections will be greatly delegitimized.

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