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Republicans Take Back Virginia in Stunning Rebuke to Biden

by Robert Wayne

Both liberals and conservatives viewed the recent Virginia elections as a bellwether not just for next year’s midterm elections but also for which way the United States was moving. And the results could be good news for conservatives.

In a rebuke of President Biden’s leftist agenda, voters headed to the polls in Virginia and elected the entire slate of Republican statewide candidates, including Virginia’s first black female state politician, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, and its first Hispanic politician, Attorney General Jason Miyares. So of course the sore losers on the far left decided to blame “white supremacy” for the Republican victory.

What really happened was twofold. First, Republican voters who had been apathetic in recent elections realized that this election was about the future of the state, and particularly about the future of gun ownership. They realized that a McAuliffe victory would be a death sentence for many gun owners.

Rather than campaigning like a moderate centrist as he did in 2013, McAuliffe this time was an unabashed leftist, pandering to the state’s liberal population in Northern Virginia. And so many Republican voters got off their couches and got to the polls, showing that even Northern Virginia’s population advantage couldn’t hand Democrats an automatic victory.

McAuliffe also put his foot in his own mouth when he stated that parents shouldn’t have any input into what their children learn at school. That was a catalyzing moment that made many parents wake up and realize that Democrats didn’t really have their children’s best interests at heart. Voters who might otherwise have voted Democrat decided to trust Youngkin as the best defense against their children being brainwashed with Critical Race Theory or LGBTQIA+ propaganda.

Voters may also have handed control of the House of Delegates back to Republicans, with a number of races yet to be determined, but the House should be split at least 50-50, rather than the 55-45 advantage Democrats had. That’s what happens when leftists think that a bare majority allows them the right to run roughshod over the rights of their constituents.

There’s no indication yet that Democrats have drawn the proper conclusions from their loss, and no indication that President Biden will change course. Most likely he will continue to plow full speed ahead in ruining this country, and Democrats will likely face even more electoral losses around the country next fall.

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