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Scratch a Democrat (or Communist or Socialist), Find a Fascist

by Robert Wayne

As much as Antifa and its Democratic sympathizers like to deny it, the reality is that much of the left fully embraces the principles and practices of fascism. Because leftists like to project their failings onto their opponents, they like to call those on the right fascists. But the reality is that there’s hardly a leftist out there who won’t act like a fascist all the time.

One need only look at Antifa for an example of that, as the group loves to engage in activities that would make Hitler’s Brown Shirts proud. The organization uses violence against people it disagrees with, people it agrees with but who it mistakenly thinks disagrees with it, or really just anyone unfortunate enough to be around an Antifa rally. The only way Antifa knows how to operate is through violence, and it has shown itself more than willing to beat up anyone who gets in its way.

Most of Antifa’s supporters and sympathizers love seeing that violence, and gloat over every person punched in the face, beaten up by a gang, or shot to death. Antifa’s antics are exposing the soul of the left on social media for everyone to see. And because mainstream Democrats are not only not condemning Antifa, but blaming Antifa’s actions on President Trump or on right-wing groups, it’s clear that Democrats are at best Antifa sympathizers and at worst fully complicit with Antifa.

When it comes to actual policy prescriptions, there’s not much to distinguish the left from fascists either. It’s important to remember, too, that fascism isn’t a product of the right. Mussolini, for instance, began as a Marxist, entered fascism from the left, and only late in the game threw his support to the right wing of the fascist movement.

In reality, more Americans are fascists than realize it, as fascist economic policy calls for a facade of private ownership with the government calling the shots behind the scenes. That’s what we’ve had for decades now, as FDR’s New Deal was based directly on Mussolini’s economic policies. Most Americans forgot about that as World War II raged on, and today probably not 1 person in 1,000 understands the fascist roots of our economy. But that doesn’t keep Antifa and its ilk from calling from ever more fascist influence over the economy.

We may very likely be in the early stages of a civil war, and it will be crucial for Americans to realize that so that they’re prepared for Antifa’s attacks. Rather than allowing Antifa and its followers to control the narrative, conservatives need to fight back and make those sitting on the fence or not paying attention right now realize that Antifa is the truly fascist organization.

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