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The Boxes of Liberty

by Robert Wayne

You may have heard a quote about the three or four boxes of liberty. They refer to the various methods by which the people can continue to protect and defend themselves against a tyrannical government bent on oppressing them. One of the more popular versions references the four boxes as the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

The soap box is our ability to use the freedom of speech to convince our fellow Americans of the importance of protecting and defending our rights. The ballot box is our ability to vote out of office those politicians who would infringe on our liberties. The jury box refers to the ability of jurors to nullify laws that they believe are unjust, unconstitutional, or that infringe on our liberties. And the cartridge box is a reference to the purpose of the Second Amendment, using armed force to overthrow those who would trample on our rights: Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Talk about the four boxes of liberty has always been a warning to those who would deny the American people their rights, but those warnings are starting to fall on deaf ears. Over 75 million of our fellow Americans voted for a Presidential ticket that openly and blatantly bragged about how it would trample on our rights. We saw widespread instances of ballot fraud, one of the worst in recent memory, rendering the legitimacy of any future elections completely suspect.

The courts have failed in numerous instances to uphold the very clear and obvious meaning of the Second Amendment, and even a supposedly secure majority on the Supreme Court is no guarantee that our rights will sustain a concerted attack by the left. Jury nullification has been neutered, as most people today aren’t even aware that juries can find people not guilty even in instances in which a law has clearly been broken. Increasingly, it seems like resorting to the cartridge box is the only remedy left, at least as long as the government still permits us to own guns.

While the prospect of a civil war may be disconcerting to many Americans, an increasing number of Americans are coming to grips with the fact that that’s the way our country might just be headed. Millions of Americans have had their livelihoods stripped way through COVID lockdowns. Millions more are living paycheck to paycheck, and the prospect of paying higher taxes under a Biden administration won’t make them any happier. An armed populace that feels it has nothing more to lose when the government keeps pressing on them is a populace primed to erupt when its political masters least expect.

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