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The Danger That’s in Store for 2019: Red Flag Laws

by Paul-Martin Foss

The anti-Trump surge that is fueling Democratic politicians across the country will have one very important consequence for people living in Democratic-controlled states: the passage of “red flag” laws. The increased popularity of these laws stems from the belief that murders and mass shootings could be stopped in some cases by seizing the firearms of those believed to be at risk of committing crimes. But this attempt at fighting pre-crime will undoubtedly trample on the rights of peaceful law-abiding gun owners, and has already led to the deaths of those who have committed no crimes.

Democrats have been buoyed in their enthusiasm for red flag laws by President Trump, who famously stated on camera that authorities should seize guns from people first and then worry about due process later. In the case of red flag laws, anonymous allegations and accusations against gun owners can result in courts authorizing the seizure of a person’s firearms. Police will then raid the unsuspecting gun owner’s home in order to seize firearms.

In some states these orders can result in a gun owner being banned from purchasing or possessing firearms for months. And in a return to the abuses of King George’s era, those who are wrongfully accused have no due process, no ability to face their accusers, and must prove their innocence. Even if they are ultimately found by the courts not to be a danger, there is no guarantee that police will return their guns or that those guns will be returned undamaged. Gun owners will have to spend thousands of dollars defending themselves against bogus allegations in order to retain their God-given right to bear arms.

Red flag laws of any sort are an immoral and unconstitutional abuse of power that have no place in these United States. Those who support red flag laws are totalitarians whose views are straight from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Their supposed concern for the “safety” of the populace is mere cover for the trampling of individual rights and the suppression of political opposition.

The Orwellian nature of red flag laws can be seen in the case of Gary Willis, who was killed by police enforcing a seizure order. The fact that he was upset at having his firearms seized and attempted to defend his rights was demonstrated by police as proof that firearms seizure was necessary. If you thought that police would be on the side of gun owners, you’re dead wrong. They will enforce any and every unconstitutional order they receive and consider themselves justified in doing so. Willis’ death won’t be the last one under these red flag laws, so unless gun owners want to end up dying at the hands of police they need to fight these laws tooth and nail.

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