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The Genocidal Tendencies of Climate Change Crazies

by Anthony Buckley

It’s probably safe to say that most environmentalists today are watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside. They’re communists in disguise, and they’re just as genocidal as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or any other communist dictator. The worst are those who are convinced that man is responsible for climate change, as their policy prescriptions would end up wiping out the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. Recent events in the Netherlands underscore that point, as the government plans to buy and shut down 3,000 farms.

The Dutch government is trying to meet EU goals on emissions reduction, and since half of the country’s emissions come from agriculture, the government is naturally starting to look there first to meet its goals. The government plans to buy 3,000 farms from farmers, claiming that the offers will be at well above market value. And if farmers refuse these buyouts, the government has stated that it intends to use force to shut them down.

As one of the EU’s biggest farming nations, shutting down these farms would have a detrimental effect not only within the EU but also worldwide. It could lead to significantly less food production from the Netherlands, resulting in less food within the EU, fewer exports overseas, and higher food prices. But this is a feature, not a bug, when it comes to the acolytes of man-made climate change.

You see, there’s no one whose lives the climate change crazies aren’t willing to sacrifice in their misguided desire to save the earth. Except their own, of course, because these people are the ultimate hypocrites. But you are certainly expendable to them, and they don’t care if you starve and die as long as they can feel good about their efforts to satisfy their ideology.

You see this kind of craziness elsewhere, as when governments set such high standards for clean water for rivers that the only solution to get them cleaner is to start killing animals in order to reduce fecal and urine levels. That’s the irony of environmentalism, that ultimately it’s a nihilistic and suicidal religion that wants to exterminate life on this planet in its pursuit of protecting Mother Earth.

This may start in the Netherlands but it could soon be spreading. As more and more countries make themselves subservient to climate change ideology, it could only be a matter of time before something like this happens on our shores. So start stocking up on food and preparing to grow your own, because you never know when Democrats are going to try to start pushing something like this on us.

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