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The Left’s Censorship Campaign Is Backfiring

by Robert Wayne

It shouldn’t be any surprise that leftists have to resort to force to get their way. Their arguments fail to stand on their merits, their plans are always a failure when put into place, and the only way they can get anywhere is by banning opposition. We’ve seen this happen time and again, in numerous different ways in countries around the world. And now it’s happening here.

The past several years have seen the left accelerating its attempt to cancel conservatives out of existence. Social media in particular has ramped up its attempts to cancel conservative voices. But that campaign of censorship is finally beginning to show signs that it is backfiring. Conservatives, libertarians, and other freedom-minded people have had enough of the blatant censorship and double standards, and they’re beginning to fight back.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is the inevitable result of the left’s efforts to stifle dissent. While President Trump may not have his Twitter account back yet, it’s probably only a matter of time. And because the left fears that it’s losing, it’s ramping up its attempts to censor elsewhere. These efforts too will likely end in failure.

Just look at what Amazon employees are trying to do with conservative author Matt Walsh’s book Johnny the Walrus. It rose to become the best-selling book on Amazon, despite Amazon employees banning advertisements for the book. The satirical children’s book that points out the absurdity of transgender ideology is popular for a reason. In this clown world, one in which children are being bombarded with sexual deviancy wherever they turn, parents need as many resources as possible to fight the good fight and make sure their children remain normal.

Contrast the leftists’ treatment of Walsh’s book to the treatment of Maia Kobabe’s book Gender Queer, a sometimes pornographic memoir that serves no purpose other than to ruin children’s innocence and expose them to perversion. Parents who want to ban that book from their children’s school libraries are being accused of censorship. And in fact, if you search for information about Jennifer Pippin, the Moms for Liberty chapter head who spearheaded opposition to the book in her school district, you have a hard time finding pertinent information on Google. That’s no coincidence, it’s all part of the left’s plan to deplatform those who dissent from leftist orthodoxy.

That tells you everything you need to know about the left. Censoring a children’s book whose message you disagree with just because you disagree with it is okay. But censoring a book that attempts to expose children to filth in order to corrupt them and sentence them to a lifetime of mental illness and anguish is the worst thing ever.

Thankfully more than a handful of Americans have gotten fed up over this double standard, and with the left’s relentless push to silence conservatives, and they’re pushing back. Leftists, as tone deaf as they are, fail to realize what is happening, and they’re doubling down on their attempts at censorship. All that’s doing is allowing people on the sidelines the opportunity to see what the left is all about once the mask falls. And with any luck, it will only accelerate the boomerang effect against the left and its policies.


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