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The Many Uses of Sawdust

by Robert Wayne

One of the keys to frugal living is making use of things that others might throw away. Tin cans can be used as storage containers, plastic grocery bags can be used as garbage bags, and cardboard boxes can be shredded and added to compost piles. But some waste products we might otherwise not give a second though to, like sawdust.

If you’ve ever built anything out of wood and had to saw the wood to size, it can be pretty amazing how much sawdust is produced. Most of us probably sweep the sawdust up and throw it away. But sawdust has numerous uses around the house that many of us may not realize.

At New Life on a Homestead, you can read about the numerous uses of sawdust, nearly 50 of them in fact. While many of the uses are geared more to those living on a farm or in a rural area, even suburban and city dwellers can find uses for sawdust after their home improvement projects.

You’ll also learn what types of sawdust not to use, like dust from pressure-treated wood or walnut lumber. Once you learn all the different potential uses for sawdust, you’ll never look at it the same way again. So the next time you think about discarding sawdust after a woodworking project, give it a second thought and see if you can’t find some use for that dust.

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