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There Is No Such Thing as Left-Wing Violence

by Anthony Buckley

No, it’s not April Fools Day, and RedTea hasn’t gone crazy on you. The title of this article just states what the mainstream media wants you to believe. Crazed mobs burning down and looting stores, torching police stations with cops still inside, and stopping traffic on interstates are just peaceful protesters. But people who express frustration with electoral fraud and break into the US Capitol to tell their representatives how frustrated they are are violent insurrectionists and coup plotters. And if you believe differently, the mainstream media will continue to repeat its lies until you wonder if you’re the one who’s crazy.

Most conservatives realize that the mainstream media’s portrayal of BLM and Antifa rallies is pure BS. But that doesn’t keep the media from trying to gaslight us, telling us that leftist mobs are just peaceful protesters and that the only political violence comes from the right. The brainwashing within the media is so pervasive that any mention of violence or potential violence will get blamed on the right, even if leftists are responsible for it.

Just look at this quote from a Reuters article:

One of the two, John Subleski, 32, was accused of inciting a riot in downtown Louisville on Jan. 6, “contemporaneous with the Capitol riots,” in which he and others pointed rifles at motorists and barricaded a number of roads, federal prosecutors said. The second man, Adam Turner, was accused of directing threats at police officers. The Louisville charges underscore the dimension of right-wing extremism across the country in the aftermath of the tumultuous 2020 elections.

There’s just one problem: Subleski and Turner aren’t right-wing extremists. They’re members of the United Pharaoh’s Guard, a mostly black militia group that was formed to provide security for BLM rallies in Louisville. The Justice Department charging documents claim the two are affiliated with the “Boogaloo Bois,” a group that exists only in the minds of idiotic policemen and crazed leftists.

The boogaloo is a term for the coming civil war, and it has spawned a series of memes all across the internet. Those who prepare for the boogaloo use the term jokingly, and jest about wearing Hawaiian shirts, drinking White Claw hard seltzer, and listening to Vengaboys. If you don’t get those references, you haven’t been exposed to the meme culture surrounding the boogaloo. But law enforcement agencies have to have an enemy to fight, so they’ve taken these humorous references to the boogaloo and concocted a story that there’s something called the “boogaloo movement” that is intent on fomenting a civil war, attacking police, etc.

Leftists in the mainstream media have run with it as though it’s a real thing, making it seem that there’s some sort of right-wing reactionary movement out there organizing. But anyone familiar with boogaloo memes realizes that all the mention of the “boogaloo movement” or “Boogaloo Bois” is no different than previous hyped “threats” of various drugs, whether real or imagined.

The difference is that this time, the make-believe story peddled by law enforcement agencies is being used to discredit conservatives and vilify them in public. When even obvious left-sympathizing arrestees can be characterized as right-wing extremists in major national media outlets without anyone batting an eye or fact-checking, you know that the fix is in. The narrative is clear, that the left is completely peaceful, and that the only violence comes from the right.

We know that’s not true, and we have to combat that narrative forcefully at every turn. If we don’t, and we allow the mainstream media to continue controlling the narrative, we’ll only have ourselves to blame when common wisdom begins to treat the media’s falsehoods as established truth.

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