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Those Dastardly Trump Supporters… Oh, Wait

by Robert Wayne

It shouldn’t be surprising that the mainstream media wants Joe Biden to beat President Trump, and that the media is fully in the Biden campaign’s hip pocket. But just how deep is something that most people don’t realize. The fact that we as readers have to dig behind every news story to find the truth is something that most people aren’t used to. Particularly older generations have been conditioned to trust everything they read or hear in the media. And the mainstream media is more than happy to take advantage of that misplaced trust to mislead people.

Today, the mainstream media uses that trust to stir up even more hatred against President Trump. Just recently, a young man was arrested after googling whether he should kill Joe Biden. Not only was he arrested with a rifle and ammunition, but he also possessed significant amounts of child pornography.

Most outlets didn’t report on the young man’s political affiliation, but since he was a white male armed with an AR-15, most people reading the news assumed he was a Trump supporter. And thus the battalions of radical leftists online continued to stir up hatred of Trump, disgusted that a Trump supporter would try to assassinate Biden this close to the election. There’s just one problem… the alleged would-be assassin was a leftist Bernie bro.

Yes, that’s right, he thought that by assassinating Joe Biden he would somehow protect Bernie Sanders. But you’d have to do an extensive search to find media sources that even mentioned that fact. Many of them buried that fact so deep that many people reading the articles wouldn’t have come across it. And that was intentional. Mainstream media today is less interested in reporting the news than it is in stoking the flames of division. If this country devolves into civil war, the mainstream media will have played a large role in that coming about.

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