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Top Scientists Feared COVID Came From Lab All Along

by Robert Wayne

In recent days those who were labeled COVID “conspiracy theorists” have been vindicated in many ways. For one thing, the CDC finally admitted that cloth masks are nothing more than face decoration and won’t do anything to stop COVID transmission. Then the government started to quibble about the difference between dying “from” COVID and dying “with” COVID, something that many of us have stressed as important for months. And now we find out that the experts knew all along that COVID probably escaped from a lab.

Recently published emails from conversations that included individuals such as Anthony Fauci and former NIH Director Francis Collins show that top officials suspected all along that COVID had leaked from a lab. They knew that the makeup of the virus made a purely natural origin unlikely. Yet they tried to shut down public acknowledgment of that fact because they were afraid it would compromise international cooperation with China and Chinese researchers.

In other words, political considerations took precedence over public health, and anyone who was trying to find the truth about the origins of the virus or the many ways in which the virus’ genetic code differed from naturally occurring viruses was labeled as a conspiracy theorist. Fauci and his ilk knew what the truth was, knew that the virus likely originated from a lab, and knew that it very well may have been modified through gain of function research. Yet they publicly tried to denigrate anyone who knew the same things they did, just to save their relationships with Chinese authorities.

How much sooner could we have combated COVID if the truth behind the virus had been known? If we had known it was leaked from a lab, even accidentally, and that parts of its genome had been modified, how much sooner would we have had a vaccine, or effective treatments?

Hundreds of thousands of people died to protect Fauci and his cronies. Millions of people remain out of work. And billions have had their lives completely upended, all because of the hubris of Fauci, Collins, and company. When the history of COVID is written, let’s hope that the criminal behavior of this cover-up is finally brought to light.

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