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UK Looking to End Private Car Ownership

by Robert Wayne

It’s well known that most environmentalists are “watermelons” – they’re green on the outside and red on the inside. The environmental movement has long been used as a means of advancing the communist agenda. And the communists are becoming more emboldened, letting down their facade and finally saying out loud what it is they actually want to accomplish.

The ultimate goal of the communists is to ban private ownership of cars. Private car ownership has long been a thorn in the sides of would-be totalitarians, as it gives people the freedom to move wherever they want to, whenever they want to, without the government being able to control their movements or what they do. The control freaks who populate government bureaucracies can’t have that happening, and so they’re trying to make car ownership as difficult as possible.

Licensing and insurance requirements are a start, as are safety requirements that drive up the cost of new cars. Now the UK has gone so far as to ban the sale of all internal combustion vehicles come 2030. And eventually even privately owned electric cars will be banned, or at least made so onerous to own that no one will be able to afford one.

Leftists actually believe that public transport, ridesharing, and rental vehicle use is a viable option for most people, or at least that’s what they state publicly. In many cases, they assume that because that works for them, it will work for others too, regardless of their situation. Of course, these urban-living leftists have no conception of how people in rural areas actually live, nor do they care. They’re too busy virtue signaling about the environment to really care.

In many ways the UK offers a glimpse into the future of the US. Where the UK goes, the US follows eventually, it just takes a few years for us to get there. And as current events are demonstrating, the UK is at the forefront of cracking down on personal liberties. Let’s just hope that the example of the UK crackdown is enough to motivate Americans to keep our politicians from enacting similar policies here.

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