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Virginia Hopes to Make Students Dumber in Name of Equity

by Anthony Buckley

It seems like every day our society is growing closer and closer to the dystopian societies envisioned in science fiction novels. Government officials have long been treating 1984 and A Brave New World as roadmaps rather than as warnings. And now they’re trying to enact the policies of another dystopian novel, Harrison Bergeron.

Perhaps it’s fitting that, halfway between the time of its publication and the time in which it is set, Harrison Bergeron is becoming a planning guide for Virginia education officials. The novel imagines the world in 2081, a time when full equality has been achieved. Those who are too strong or fast are forced to wear weights to slow them down; those who are too beautiful are forced to wear masks to make them ugly; and those who are too intelligent are fitted with radio devices to disrupt their thoughts and keep them from thinking coherently. In short, it’s a world of perfect equality, in which everyone is forced down to the lowest common denominator.

That’s what the communists who call themselves Democrats want to see happening in this country too. Democrats in Virginia wasted no time after they took power to ram through as much draconian legislation as they could to punish Virginians who didn’t vote for them. And now they’re going to punish their children by forcing them all to be equally uneducated.

If Democrats have their way, all accelerated math programs before 11th grade will be eliminated. No longer will gifted and talented students be able to take algebra or geometry in middle school, or calculus in 9th or 10th grade. Now everyone will be kept at the same level until 11th grade, because otherwise it might not be fair to less intelligent students.

Just imagine a society in which no one is allowed to develop his mind or to undertake advanced study because it might harm Democrats’ concept of “equity”; a society in which everyone studies the exact same things regardless of their abilities and interests or lack thereof; a society in which everyone is forced down to the intellectual level of Lebron James. Is that really the type of society we want to live in?

At this point the Democratic playbook is out in the open for anyone with half a brain to understand. Their economic policies are intent on impoverishing us, their social policies are intent on disarming and oppressing us, and their educational policies are intent on dumbing us down. If there were ever a time to fight tooth and nail for our freedoms, this is it.

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