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Was Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Compromised by China?

by Richard A Reagan

One of the more galling aspects of leftist hypocrisy today is the disparate treatment afforded to Hillary Clinton. While the mainstream media continues to beat the drums for impeachment of President Trump and continues to push the increasingly discredited narrative of Russian collusion, Clinton gets a pass for her actions as Secretary of State. Her use of a private email server for official business, which would have resulted in the prosecution of any lower-level official trying to do that, remains unpunished. And the more revelations come out about that server, the more mind-blowing they become.

The most recent information to come to public attention is the fact that, of the more than 30,000 emails sent through Clinton’s private server, all but four were sent to a private Gmail address that was similar to the name of a Chinese company. The email address alias, carterheavyindustries, bore more than a passing resemblance to Chinese company Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. And every single email sent through Clinton’s server was blind copied to that email address.

The email address was supposedly set up by the employee who set up and ran Clinton’s private email server, but that doesn’t explain why he would need to set up another email alias, and a Gmail one at that, to receive copies of every email Clinton sent or received. That obviously raises some red flags, especially if that information is still out there somewhere. Who had access to those accounts? Was the employee in cahoots with the Chinese government? Does Google still have records of those emails?

There are a lot of questions that this revelation raises, but as far as we know there has been no government investigation into this aspect of the scandal. Every time the issue of Hillary Clinton’s emails rears its head again it is merely swept under the table, while the media continues to look for any crumb of information it can to discredit President Trump.

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