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When Will the Violence and Looting Stop?

by Anthony Buckley

The protests in reaction to the death of George Floyd have long since forgotten the reason for their existence, and now serve largely as an outlet for the anger or frustration of the mob. From Portland to Richmond, mob violence seems to have become the norm. Rather than peacefully protest, work through the electoral process, or educate the populace, many people have decided that rioting and violence is the only way to solve their problems. When will it all end?

The mainstream media has deliberately chosen to downplay how violent these riots are and the potential consequences of that violence. One has to think that it probably won’t be until media outlets and reporters are targeted by the rioters that the media will finally start reporting on the truth.

Riots continue in Portland on a nightly basis, with the city’s mayor finally daring to speak the truth and accuse rioters of attempted murder for attempting to barricade and set on fire an occupied police station. And in Chicago, the city recently had to raise bridges into the city to try to keep rioters out of the city after a spree of looting, vandalism, and attacks against police.

The latest round of Chicago violence was spurred by a protest against a police shooting of an armed suspect. It devolved into looting and violence as protesters decided to make their way to downtown Chicago and loot luxury stores.

This use of violence and looting seems to be the modus operandi for the left today, and it is scaring the bejeesus out of Middle America. The average suburban American sees this kind of violence going on in inner cities, with police unwilling to use force to subdue this violence, and with private citizens defending themselves getting charged with crimes, and wonders what has happened to our country. In just a few short months we seem to have gone from a country that, while politically divided, was nonetheless peaceful, to a country on the verge of civil war, where violence could flare up at any moment.

While the left loves to project its failings onto others, and will undoubtedly try to blame President Trump for everything, the fact is that this violence is purely the creation of the radical left and its agitators. They’re looking to provoke police, to get someone killed by police so that they can claim to be martyrs for a cause. And they’re more than happy to keep pushing the envelope, harassing innocent bystanders and motorists to get their jollies. Will this violence eventually fizzle out as even the professional agitators get tired, or will we continue to see a downward spiral into mayhem and chaos on our streets?

Image: Tony Webster

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