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Who Is the Real Threat to Democracy?

by Robert Wayne

The mainstream media has been working overtime for the past two years trying to pass off Donald Trump and his supporters as a threat to democracy. Let’s leave aside the fact that our system of government is actually a republic and not a democracy for a minute. Is there any factual basis for the assertion that Trump and his followers are a danger?

In reality it’s the critics of Donald Trump who are the real threat to democratic government. Their hatred of Trump is so unhinged that there’s nothing they’re not willing to do in their effort to keep him from office, whether it’s eliminating freedom of speech, ignoring the speech and debate clause, or using the power of the federal government to persecute their enemies.

As is usual with most leftists, they engage in projection. So every time you hear someone say that Trump is a fascist or that Trump is a threat to democracy, you can be sure that the person leveling the accusation is himself a fascist or a threat to democracy.

One shining example of that is the turncoat Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who has thrown in with the Democrats in their persecution of American patriots. He’s so blinded by his hatred of Trump that he wants to see new laws passed to target Trump for prosecution if existing law is insufficient. Never mind the fact that the Constitution prohibits bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. Nothing in the Constitution is too sacred to be jettisoned by the anti-Trump partisans.

It should give anyone real pause when you consider all the legal protections these authoritarians want to eliminate, all just because they don’t like Trump and want to see him in jail. Of course, like all revolutionaries, they fail to see how abandoning those protections to target Trump could end up leaving them without those same protections should they need them. And while it would be only fitting for these scoundrels to suffer the fate of previous revolutionaries in order to teach them a lesson, no one wants to see the type of lawless violence and terror that would result if the anti-Trump radicals were given free rein to do as they liked.

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