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Why All the Negative COVID News Now?

by Richard A Reagan

If the past few years of COVID hysteria haven’t completely turned you off of following COVID news, you may have noticed over the past few weeks an increasing number of news articles attacking the mainstream COVID narrative. Is this a case of the mainstream media finally allowing the truth to come to light, or is there some sort of ulterior motive at play?

One of the most recent reports is that three scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were among the first known COVID cases, thus strengthening the argument that COVID was the result of a lab leak. Remember that, for years, policymakers such as Anthony Fauci sought to suppress the lab leak theory and promote the idea that COVID was of natural origin.

But other negative pieces have come out recently with regard to the COVID vaccine. While the link between the COVID vaccines and heart conditions such as myocarditis and pericarditis remain among the most discussed issues, lesser issues such as the link between COVID vaccines and tinnitus are starting to gain more attention. 

Part of that is due to the fact that among the prominent post-COVID vaccine sufferers of tinnitus is Gregory Poland, a director of vaccine research at the Mayo Clinic. With prominent vaccine advocates like him pushing the CDC to recognize these other negative effects of the vaccine, it’s harder to call these negative side effects merely anecdotal.

But why are mainstream media outlets, even those considered more friendly to the left, starting to publicize these issues rather than suppress them?

Well, just remember that we’re in the middle of the 2024 Presidential election cycle right now, and one Donald J. Trump has once again thrown his hat into the ring. While the federal government has recently indicted him, there’s no guarantee that his trial will conclude before the election, nor is there any guarantee that the government will be able to get a conviction. So the more negative press Trump can get, the better it is for Democrats.

And what was Trump’s COVID legacy? He was the President who fast-tracked COVID vaccine development. While President Biden has tried to take credit for the vaccine and its implementation, and Biden’s administration was behind some of the most draconian vaccine mandates and the most inflammatory vaccine rhetoric, it was still Trump who got the ball rolling.

In true Democrat fashion, expect Democrats to blame Trump for all the ill effects of COVID vaccines, especially if Trump wins the Republican primary. If he ends up as the nominee, all we’ll hear for months is “Trump’s vaccine,” and all the people today who have received their fifth, eighth, or twentieth boosters will parrot that official line and blame Trump, even if today they’re praising Biden for pushing the vaccine.

Yes, it’s good that the truth about COVID and the COVID vaccine is finally leaking. But always be aware when reading these news reports that there may be some ulterior motive behind it.


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