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Why Aren’t You Hearing About the DC Trucker Convoy?

by Anthony Buckley

Unless you’re actively scouring the internet for news, you probably haven’t heard much about the DC trucker convoy recently. The convoy idea was hatched in response to the Canadian trucker convoy that was launched in Canada to protest COVID vaccine mandates. But while the Canadian truckers dominated headlines for weeks, the DC convoy seemed to fall through the cracks, even though the truckers are still in the DC area protesting. Why is that?

For one thing, the Canadian protests turned out to be pretty darned effective. The government ended up backing down on many of its proposed COVID measures, handing the truckers a victory. And once they had achieved their aims, they were able to go home.

The goals of the DC convoy were a little more hard to pin down, aside from just a general hatred of tyranny. But the truckers have been there for weeks now driving around various parts of DC, being shut out from going into the city by the police, and just making their presence known. And you wouldn’t know any of it from the lack of mainstream media coverage.

The war in Ukraine served as a useful distraction for a media that just likes to dangle shiny things in front of people’s faces. And ever since Putin pushed his troops into Ukraine, you haven’t heard a darn thing about the convoy.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for convoy organizers, who have largely been ignored and forgotten by the mainstream. But they’re still making their presence felt, meeting sympathizers, and hopefully developing the organizational and infrastructural know-how to ensure that the next time they plan something like this, they’ll pull it off even better.

So if you thought the DC trucker convoy had given up or fizzled out, you’re wrong. It’s just that the mainstream media has chosen not to report on it. And that’s one more reason to be very skeptical every time you consume mainstream media.

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