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Why Everyone Should Have A Side Business

by Remso W. Martinez

It seems that your bills just keep getting larger year after year, regardless as to whether the news is screaming “The economy is collapsing!” or “The economy has never been better!” For you, things just seem to be way more hectic. For the under-thirty age group right now, they know that they’ll probably never receive their Social Security check with the way our government is raiding that unfunded liability to pay for other things. Additionally, millennials and middle-aged individuals are realizing that they are working more hours and getting less of an opportunity to go out and enjoy life.

What if you could wake up one day and say “I can afford to not go to work today” without worrying about one day less of pay, knowing you can get a paycheck another way without any real effort? What if you could balance work life with a passion project that can earn you money instead of losing it?

Every day, millions of Americans wake up and can balance a full-time job while earning money on the side through driving an Uber car to selling art online, all on their terms. A side business empowers you to have more control over your life and future without the full hassles of running a full time business, while still getting a guaranteed income from your full time job.

According to a study from Small Business Trends, “about 1 in 12 U.S. households (more than 10 million people) rely on independent work for more than half of their income.” Thanks to the power of the Internet and technology, working parents, college students, retirees, and even people who are happy with what they are doing but want to have more disposable income or want to invest in their individual capital are using sites like Fiverr and Etsy or even starting their own websites to tap into a constantly moving consumer market. What are you waiting for? Go make some easy money today!

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