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You Being Alive Is Statistically Miraculous

by Eric Lumpkins

The odds of you having been born and brought into this world are nearly zero. In fact, those odds are around 1 in 400 trillion. An unimaginable amount of different things had to happen and come together perfectly in order for you to be alive.

Everything That Had to Happen

For you to exist, your parents had to meet each other – that alone has odds of 1 in 20,000. Your parents then had to make a baby, which has odds of 1 in 2000. From there, out of the billions of sperm cells your father has and the thousands of egg cells your mother has, a specific sperm cell had to meet a specific egg cell to create you. The odds of that are 1 in 400 quadrillion. And then to take it even further, the right sperm cell had to meet the right egg cell for every single one of your ancestors in order for you to have been created. The odds of that are 1 in 1,045,000.

That’s just what had to happen with regard to your family. That doesn’t include Earth being a perfect distance from the sun in order to harbor life, for that life to grow and evolve in a specific manner that it did that resulted in the human species, and for history to play out the way it did that ultimately led to you. And the fact that we currently live in the freest, safest, and most prosperous times in history is just the cherry on top.

A Miraculous Gift

From this perspective, we are all walking miracles who were given the gift of life. From this perspective there are no feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, there is no irritability or anger, but rather deep feelings of self-worth, appreciation, gratitude, and love.

A miracle is an occurrence that is so improbable that it is essentially impossible. We are all miracles and it is with this perspective that we should stop stifling and holding ourselves back. Stop waiting to enjoy life, stop waiting to build your dreams, stop waiting to live, stop waiting for permission. This is your life, your miraculous gift. Appreciate and relish every bit of it and don’t hold back.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

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