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Australian City Council Goes Apoplectic Over Clinton Mural

by Jeremy Holcombe

An Australian mural in Melbourne has made international headlines. The painting, which shows Hillary Clinton in revealing, stars-and-stripes swimwear didn’t attract any attention, at first. But when the local council termed the mural “offensive”, the painting made headlines around the globe.

Maribyrnong Council

Maribyrnong Council requested Lushsux make the “offensive” mural vanish within ten days.

The Melbourne graffiti artist made the mural vanish — in an unexpected way.

Instead of painting over the image with a single, boring color, the Melbourne  artist painted over Clinton’s scantily-clad body with a niqab and uploaded an image of the updated image to Facebook.

Lushsux captioned the Facebook post: “This is no longer ‘supposedly offensive’ and the almost nude image of Hillary Clinton; now shows a beautiful Muslim woman. If you consider it offensive, you are a sexist, racist, Islamophobic, uncultured and ignorant.”

Lushsux termed the council “pathetic” for attempting to censor his work.

The council’s chief, Stephen Wall, previously said that if the mural wasn’t dealt with in the time stipulated, the board would think about further action.

“If the matter goes to the prosecution, it will be done through the Magistrate’s Court. The court will determine any fines and damages,” said Wall.

The owner of the cell phone store where the mural appeared has been away. Mitch, the owner’s friend, said she disagreed with the council’s position on the painting.

“It’s art,” she said.

“I don’t see a predicament with somebody revealing themselves with art. I think it is a wonderful thing.”

Mitch said more offensive images are seen in town, yet not removed.

“I’m a woman, and I am not offended by it. It’s just a one piece bathing suit and everything is covered.”

The Council’s staff claimed they had received complaints, but others feel the council’s reaction was “political correctness gone haywire.”


Lushsux’s Instagram account was closed and he was given ten days to eliminate the “offending” painting.

Following the local council’s complaint, the artist changed the scantily-clad Clinton into a Muslim female dressed in a niqab. The effort didn’t impress the local authorities.

Lushsux posted on Twitter: “Looks like the council wins.”

“I might have brushed her (Clinton) in a suit which she regularly wears, but I wanted to conceive of a plan to push back against the story that they are telling anything is rude — a lady who is not nude is shameful,” Luxhsux told RT.

The latest dust-up comes after Lushsux made headlines with large paintings of social media stars including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.

Lushsux was also responsible for the topless mural of Melania Trump. The larger-than-life painting featured the Clinton campaign slogan, “I’m with her.”

Social Media Support

Lushsux has received lots of support as users shared their encouragement to the artist. One user said: “So the committee is pleased to have a half-nude Clinton, but not a pic of a Muslim female.”

Someone on Facebook posted: “Haven’t noticed your work, but I like the reality your touch of humor. Want to view more.”

What’s Next?

Lushsux has no plans on changing his style. When he was asked what his next project was, the artist said, “I might paint a big mural of Donald Trump — in a similar style.”

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