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Biden Makes Yet Another Gun Control Faux Pas

by Anthony Buckley

For some reason, Democrats seem to think that gun control is a topic that will boost them politically. Never mind that historically the push for gun control has always led to electoral losses, as Americans don’t like having their guns taken away. And despite declining public support for gun control, the Biden administration is redoubling its efforts to take Americans’ guns.

In addition to its existing efforts to reclassify certain pistols as short-barreled rifles, and to try to ban the home production of firearms, President Biden announced new efforts earlier this week to enforce gun control, including efforts to try to put more gun dealers out of business. In his comments on the new executive orders, Biden made a number of laughable statements that demonstrate just how little he knows about guns, gun owners, the Constitution and, well, just about anything.

Among the Biden quotes that went viral was his assertion that you would need F-15s and nuclear weapons to take on the federal government. Never mind that the Taliban doesn’t have either of those and has fought the US military to a standstill. And never mind that we’ve been reminded ad nauseam by the mainstream media that the January 6th breach of the US Capitol building was not only an insurrection but also the greatest act of domestic terrorism in US history. Total number of combined guns, F-15s, and nuclear weapons among those who entered the Capitol? Zero.

Biden also tried to say that there have always been limits on weapons ownership, even since the day the Second Amendment was first ratified. He tried to claim that ownership of cannons was banned, but it never has been, and the Founding Fathers fully intended for private individuals to own cannons, as they were among the weapons of war the Second Amendment was designed to protect.

Biden’s comments fall in line with comments he has made in the past, such as saying that no one needs an AR-14 (that’s not a typo), that shooting a shotgun through the door is sufficient for self defense, and continually calling the ATF the AFT. His comments are so laughable they’re embarrassing, and you would almost be tempted to laugh at him and ignore him, until you realize that he has the entire force of the federal government behind him.

He has the power to kill people with impunity if they defy him and his new executive orders, and his mental capacity has deteriorated to the point that he may not even realize what he’s doing. That should strike terror in the hearts of every gun owner, and inspire us to redouble our efforts to suppress any further gun control measures.

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