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Did General Mattis Really Prepare for a Coup Against President Trump?

by Robert Wayne

Famed Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward is out with a new book about the Trump administration, and he’s dropped some real bombshells. But while the mainstream media is trying to play up and distort President Trump’s comments about coronavirus earlier this year, the real bombshell is that Trump’s own Cabinet was apparently ready to launch a coup to take him out. The fact that officials at such a high level even thought about such a possibility is a scary sign for our republic, and a sobering reminder that the freedoms we take for granted could evaporate in an instant if the Establishment decides to exert its muscle.

What’s particularly surprising is that the thought of a coup came from James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense and former commander of US Central Command. Generations of American military men have resolutely refused to comment on politics, get involved in the political process, or even think of making a move against elected officials. The last time a Marine Corps general caught wind of an attempted coup, Gen. Smedley Butler in the 1930s, he blew the whistle and went to Congress to avert such an event from happening. Now we have Marine Corps generals actually spitballing the idea of removing a sitting President.

Perhaps more concerning is that Mattis expressed his concern to Dan Coats, the former Indiana Senator who was at the time the Director of National Intelligence. The intelligence community’s hatred of President Trump is well known in Washington, and it will stop at nothing to see Trump removed from office. But Coats got his job largely through his connection to Vice President Pence, also from Indiana.

In fact, many of the poor personnel choices in the White House can be traced back to people connected to Pence. It’s almost as though Pence’s people are running a shadow operation within the White House to neuter the President and his effectiveness. And the fact that someone like Coats, who commanded the entire intelligence apparatus, didn’t shoot down Mattis’ comments cold is an indicator that the Establishment really has it in for the President.

If President Trump wins in November, expect the Establishment to go after him with an intensified ferocity. Don’t be surprised to see more violence in the streets, and even violence aimed directly at the President. The Establishment doesn’t care if the US descends to the level of a banana republic as long as it can oust President Trump from office.

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