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More DOJ Hypocrisy in Not Pursuing Charges Against McCabe

by Richard A Reagan

If you’ve been following the witch hunt against President Trump in any detail, or even just superficially, you’ll notice a pattern that’s been occurring. Everyone in Trump’s orbit, including the President himself, is the subject of investigations and prosecutions. And everyone who has been going after him, even when they’ve been rightfully accused of wrongdoing, gets off scot-free without even any charges. Let’s look at a few examples.

Just recently, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was informed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would not be pursuing charges against him. Remember that McCabe was accused by the DOJ Inspector General of lacking candor, making false statements both during interviews with the FBI and with the IG’s staff, including misleading statements under oath. But after all of that, he walks.

Compare that to the case of President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. Gen. Flynn plead guilty to one count of lying to federal investigators about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Flynn has yet to be sentenced, but at one point was facing up to six months in prison.

Yet it has come to light that not only did federal investigators not record their interview with Flynn, they also initially reported that Flynn had been open and honest with them. It was only after the fact that the agents’ notes were changed, to make it appear that Flynn had been lying to them. Now Flynn is trying to withdraw his guilty plea, alleging government malfeasance in his prosecution. We’ll see whether he’ll be successful.

Or take the case of Roger Stone, convicted on felony counts of obstruction, witness tampering, and false statements. Reading the details of the case, it seems like a big nothingburger. Yet Stone was raided by federal agents and railroaded into guilt. He was facing nine years in prison, despite the fact that his jury was tainted. The jury foreman was an anti-Trump activist who tweeted about the Stone case before she was picked for the jury, and continued her social media activity during the trial. Another jury member was married to a DOJ lawyer who worked in the same division that probed Stone. Is this justice?

It’s clear that there’s one set of standards for Trump and his associates and another set for those who oppose him. While Trump’s people are subject to kangaroo courts and have their rights trampled on time after time, his opponents get off without even a slap on the wrist. That’s infuriating, but not unexpected, because we know that liberals are masters at telling others to do as they say, not as they do. And as the hypocrisy becomes ever more obvious every day, it will continue to fire up President Trump’s base and ensure that he serves four more years.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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