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Mueller’s Investigators Scrubbed Cell Phones Belonging to Troubled FBI Employees

by Paul-Martin Foss

In another development that increasingly makes the Mueller Russia probe look like a biased witch hunt, it has come to light that staff on the Mueller probe scrubbed the smartphone of embattled former FBI agent Peter Strzok. Strzok, who was fired in August, was the lead FBI agent into the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server. He achieved notoriety for his affair with DOJ lawyer Lisa Page and the subsequent publication of many of their texts to each other in which they expressed their disdain for Trump and in which Strzok pledged to stop Trump from becoming President.

According to a report issued late last week by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General, Mueller probe officials scrubbed Strzok’s phone after determining that the phone “contained no substantive text messages.” Page’s phone was scrubbed by DOJ’s Justice Management Division.

DOJ’s OIG was able to recover approximately 19,000 new text messages from Strzok and Page’s two phones, spanning a period from December 15, 2016 to May 17, 2017 in which text messages to and from Strzok and Page had previously not been discovered. Over 9,300 text messages were recovered from Strzok’s phone, over 8,300 of which were to or from Page. Over 10,700 texts were recovered from Page’s phone, over 9,700 of which were to or from Strzok. That works out to over 60 texts per day between the two.

Even if the text messages were deemed to have been non-substantive, the fact that they were scrubbed gives the definite appearance of a conspiracy to whitewash those who are/were pursuing Trump. The optics are horrendous, which means that either those on the Mueller probe are completely unaware of how their actions come across or they just don’t care and think that they can get away with anything they feel like. Odds are it’s the latter attitude, demonstrating that the deep state is alive and well and doing everything it can to take down President Trump.

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