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New Zealand to Ban Tobacco Purchases

by Anthony Buckley

It used to be that New Zealand was considered an oasis of sorts for survivalists. Anyone who thought about the possibility of ever having to flee the US for a foreign country had New Zealand at the top of their list. The country had relatively permissive gun laws, a temperate climate, rule of law, and was isolated from most of the rest of the world. But recent events in New Zealand have highlighted the fact that the country is no longer a haven for anyone who desires to live in freedom.

The ball started rolling with New Zealand’s draconian gun control efforts in the aftermath of a mosque shooting a few years ago. All of a sudden innocent gun owners were forced to pay the price for one man’s evil. And the government didn’t care that it was running roughshod over basic human rights.

When COVID hit, the New Zealand government was among the world’s most tyrannical, implementing a zero tolerance policy that included some of the most drastic and draconian lockdown restrictions in the world. The country famously claimed at one point that it was COVID-free, only to have to backtrack once new cases reared their head.

Emboldened by a subservient populace, the New Zealand government has pushed even further, now banning the purchase of tobacco products by anyone born after 2008. In this way the government hopes to eventually eliminate all tobacco usage in the country.

It’s sad to see a country that once was seen as a potential mecca for freedom-minded individuals sink into such a totalitarian abyss. But that’s what happens when governments run amok and their citizens fail to keep them in check. And Commonwealth nations such as New Zealand and Australia seem to be at the forefront of these efforts at totalitarianism.

Time will tell whether the Kiwis will grow a spine and reclaim their rights, or if they will continue to sink deeper into a socialist hell. Let’s hope for our sake and the sake of future generations that the citizens of New Zealand start standing up to their government, otherwise their future looks pretty bleak.

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