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Texas Takes Charge: New Military Base to Counteract Migrant Influx, Says Abbott

by Richard A Reagan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott during a press conference on Friday, has announced a strategy to fortify the state’s border defenses. 

The announcement marks a significant escalation in Texas’ efforts to manage the influx of migrants, a situation the governor attributes to the policies of the Biden administration. [Source]

The cornerstone of this new strategy is the establishment of a military base in Eagle Pass, an 80-acre Forward Operating Base designed to accommodate up to 1,800 Texas National Guard soldiers, with provisions for an additional 500 if necessary. 

This initiative, as outlined by Abbott’s office, is not merely a response to the immediate challenges but a comprehensive plan aimed at improving the operational efficiency and living conditions of the National Guard personnel stationed along the border.

Governor Abbott, addressing the press, stressed the strategic importance of this development. “Texas is expanding our border security capabilities by building a new Texas Military Department base camp to increase and improve border security operations in this area,” he stated.

The new base is expected to serve as a significant upgrade from the current conditions faced by the National Guard, offering improved accommodations and facilities that include recreational, chaplaincy, medical, and psychological health services. 

The initiative has also been met with support from high-ranking military officials, with Adjutant General of Texas Major General Suelzer outlining plans for further expansion of border security measures.

“In the coming weeks, we will also be expanding operations north and south of Eagle Pass, putting up additional barriers to fortify our border,” Suelzer revealed, indicating a holistic approach to border security that includes physical barriers and technological advancements such as drone radar trucks.

Mike Banks, Texas Border Czar, lauded the initiative for providing a “better quality of life” for the National Guard soldiers and for its effectiveness in reducing migrant numbers in Texas.

“To see those numbers decrease in Texas, it’s a testament to what these soldiers and DPS are doing to secure the border,” Banks stated, applauding Governor Abbott’s leadership.

This development comes amid escalating tensions between state and federal authorities over immigration policies.

Texas has been at the forefront of challenging the federal government’s handling of the border crisis, with Governor Abbott spearheading efforts through initiatives like Operation Lone Star, aimed at curbing illegal migration and enhancing state security.

Eagle Pass, in particular, has become a focal point in the immigration enforcement conflict between Texas and the federal government. The city has seen a dramatic reduction in migrant crossings, from a peak of 6,000 in a single day to just a handful, evidencing the immediate impact of the state’s stringent measures. [Source]

Governor Abbott anticipates a potential increase in crossings this spring and is preparing accordingly. “The guards at the base are going to have the ability to more quickly be able to construct that razor wire barrier,” Abbott stated.

This initiative is part of a broader message from the state to potential migrants: “the wrong place to go is the state of Texas.”

Texas aims to secure its borders and signal its unwavering commitment to enforcing immigration laws in the face of federal policies perceived as inadequate.

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