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Trump Pledges to Restore Free Speech, Taking Aim at Federal Censorship

by Richard A Reagan

Former President Donald Trump has issued a major promise. Speaking on “Just the News, No Noise,” he conveyed a clear message. If he secures a win in 2024, he will challenge federal censorship and seek to safeguard the First Amendment – our right to free speech. [Source]

His remarks are a direct reaction to the actions of the Biden administration. This perceived overreach has led to reports that federal entities, like Homeland Security and the FBI, have pressured tech giants to limit the speech of Americans.

Highlighting this, Trump said, “He [Biden] let federal agencies like Homeland Security and the FBI work with, if not coerce, private parties to pressure Big Tech to censor Americans.” This sentiment was echoed by Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod’s comments, where she likened the administration’s strategies to scenes reminiscent of a “mafia movie.”

Missouri v. Biden saw these tactics being harshly criticized. Federal Judge Terry Doughty ruled these actions as unconstitutional, drawing a strong line in defense of free speech rights.

Clear about his intentions, Trump said, “The best thing is, you put the right people at the head of those agencies.” He’s also pushing for new regulations. Trump revealed, “Yes, I would do executive orders also,” implying his intention to prevent government employees from infringing upon free speech.

Adding depth to the conversation, Trump commented on the concerning ballot application fraud uncovered in Michigan, emphasizing its gravity. “It’s a big story,” he stressed, adding, “I hope they follow through. There’ll be world heroes if they do.” Trump’s directive is explicit: he wishes the FBI to investigate deeply, unveiling the truth behind the accusations in defense of America’s democratic ideals.

Furthermore, Trump called for a comprehensive investigation into President Biden’s potential financial links with his son Hunter’s overseas business activities. He appealed to House Republicans to conduct this investigation impartially.

Highlighting the seriousness of these allegations, Trump referred to evidence presented by House Oversight Chairman James Comer against President Biden. Evidence cited by Trump includes three covert pseudonym email accounts, suspicious bank reports, and recurring interactions with business partners from countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine. Of significant note is an alarming claim by an FBI informant regarding a $10 million cash bribe.

Trump was emphatic, stating, “I don’t think when you have all these preparations, and you have all of these different methods, even all the aliases – whoever heard of (having) more aliases than Al Capone – I would think that, you know, a fair person because you want it to be fair, it has to be fair … But a fair person would have no choice but to impeach.”

Further shedding light on these claims, Trump remarked, “The bottom line is if this cash is true, if all these things are true – you know the statement is true about the billion dollars, because he’s got that (on video).” He expressed concerns about potential repercussions for any Republican representative disregarding such potent evidence, suggesting, “I think a Republican would be primaried and lose immediately, no matter what district they’re in.”

The former President also pondered the political fate of Biden. His opinion was candid: “He’s the most incompetent president in history. And he’s the most corrupt president in history.” Trump’s skepticism about Biden’s capability to compete in another presidential race was evident: “If he gets started it would be a miracle to me.”

In today’s era, where narratives often overshadow suppressed voices, Trump’s commitment to challenge the prevailing discourse and champion free speech rights emerges not just as a campaign promise but a profound call to revive America’s foundational principles.

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