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Trump’s Children vs. Biden’s Children: Media Hypocrisy on Display

by Richard A Reagan

If you want a clear indication that the mainstream media has a left-wing bias, you need look no further than its treatment of President Trump’s children versus Joe Biden’s children. No one can look at how mainstream journalists have treated the two sets of children and come away thinking that left-wing media bias doesn’t exist.

The most prominent Trump children are those from his first marriage: Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. Ivanka and Eric are both happily married with children, and are heavily involved with running their father’s business. Donald Jr. was happily married until his divorce last year. Still, the father of five makes it clear that his children are incredibly important to him.

Contrast that to Joe Biden’s surviving son, Hunter, whose foibles have come to the fore now that his father is in the running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Hunter had drug problems during his military service, once left his driver’s license in a returned rental car along with drug paraphernalia, and has been reported to enjoy frequenting a Washington, DC strip club where he allegedly also did drugs.

He also had an affair with his late brother’s widow which led to his own divorce, fathered a child with a third woman during that time, and then married a fourth woman. Yikes. Yet mainstream media coverage bends over backwards trying to explain away Hunter Biden’s problems, putting him up as some sort of sympathetic figure deserving of our pity because of his struggles with addiction.

Contrast that to the treatment of Trump’s children, who are constantly accused of being stupid, uncaring, unfeeling, and of putting their business interests ahead of everything else. The abuse never stops, perhaps because the media realizes that Trump himself is immune from their fury so they lash out at his children instead. But who knows, maybe they’ll get tired of that too and move on to another more inviting target.

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