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US Newspapers Taking Millions From China to Publish Propaganda

by Robert Wayne

Every day seems to feature more and more news exposing how deeply the Chinese Communist Party has embedded itself into American society. While US consumers lounge around on their Chinese-made furniture in their Chinese-made underwear while watching Netflix on a Chinese-made television, the Chinese communists continue their efforts to undermine American society from within. And maybe they’re winning.

Recent news reports indicate that US newspapers have taken millions of dollars from China Daily over the past several years to publish inserts masquerading as news that are nothing more than slick propaganda pieces pushed by the Chinese government. The inserts are essentially advertorials, and are created by China Daily, a news outlet overseen by the Chinese Communist Party. While most people looking closely at the inserts should be able to tell that the inserts are paid advertising, it isn’t clear that the source is the Chinese government, nor that the views in the insert are those the Chinese Communist Party wants the US public to see.

Among the US newspapers taking money from China Daily were the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. That is all part of the Chinese government’s propaganda efforts to buy influence at major mainstream institutions. The former head of Harvard’s chemistry department was just indicted recently for lying about his ties to the Chinese government. And as more information begins to trickle out about China’s efforts to woo US academics, it’s clear that many US universities have become great resources for the Chinese government, which has benefited both from the information and knowledge it receives from the US professors on its payroll as well as from the Chinese students it sends to the US to gain even more knowledge.

When will the US wake up and realize that doing business with communists is a losing proposition? Lenin once famously said that capitalists would sell the communists the rope which would be used to hang them. Indeed, looking at what US academics, newspapers, and corporations are doing, it’s clear that they’re sacrificing the long-term stability of the US in search of a quick buck. Unless we get serious about the threat Chinese communists pose to the world, we’ll continue slouching our way to a future dominated by China.

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