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While US Continues to Focus on Russia, China Subverts Us

by Anthony Buckley

With everything that has gone on over the past several weeks with regard to the war in Ukraine, the West’s confrontation with Russia seems to have gotten more heated. Putin hasn’t ruled out the use of tactical nuclear weapons, while the West has called that a line that Russia shouldn’t cross. And with the possible sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines along with a truck bombing of the bridge to Crimea, things don’t look too good right now.

Adding to all of this is the growing economic crisis in the West, with high inflation and rising energy prices pinching households and putting pressure on governments. In many ways this is the worst crisis Europe has experienced in a while. But why is the US getting involved?

For those who grew up during the Cold War, the urge to fight the Russian foe is probably irresistible. And the US media has certainly done its part in making Russia out to be the bad guy, which isn’t entirely unfair. But are we ignoring more pressing issues and more deadly enemies?

Recent investigations have discovered that the Chinese government has undertaken concerted efforts to place Chinese scientists at sensitive US research facilities, with the aim of uncovering information that could be of use to the Chinese government and military. Over 150 scientists over the past two decades have been recruited by China to bring their knowledge back to China, with much of that knowledge being used to advance China’s development of drones, missiles, and other advanced military technology.

This is only one part of China’s efforts to infiltrate the US, with academics in other fields being recruited in other programs. And China is also establishing clandestine police stations in the US to keep tabs on dissidents and pressure Chinese expatriates.

It’s bizarre that the US continues to sanction Russia and act as though Russia is our #1 enemy, while all the time China is coming in through the back door and robbing us blind. You might almost think that it’s intentional, that Democrats are in bed with the Chinese and are using the Russian bogeyman to distract Americans’ attention from the real threat from China.

In any case, there’s no good being done by failing to confront the fact that China is engaged in an attempt to subvert US society. And the longer we fail to confront that fact, the worse off we’ll be when China and the US finally come to blows.

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