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Five Apps For a Better Life

by Chris Poindexter

I can remember when all phones did was make phone calls and they were nailed to the wall of the kitchen. First we got rid of the wires, then some genius got the idea to add a camera and it’s been all downhill ever since. Today’s cell phones are mobile data devices that rival some of the first desktop computers I ever owned in terms of power and processor speed. Your phone instantly links you to data resources spanning the globe and are portable video and photography studios linked to a network of global positioning satellites. Today making phone calls is little more than an add on feature.

With the capacity to manage text, email, schedules and track virtually every aspect of your life, your phone is becoming a more critical part of our quality of life. So, why not put all that fancy technology to work actually making your life easier? Many apps claim to do that but just end up adding to the clutter. A few are actually worth trying.


This app pushes the boundaries of what a phone can do that watches you all night. Sleepbot lets you program a time range for waking up and then manages the alarm function to wake you up at the least intrusive moment of your sleep cycle. By using motion tracking and sound monitoring capabilities, Sleepbot tracks your movements, snoring and sleep talking to track your sleep habits and cycles. No more getting jarred out of a wonderfully sound sleep by a fixed-time alarm.


Financial freedom, which is different than being rich, is the greatest goal one can attain in modern living. Depending upon how much control you want to give to Mint’s app, you can synchronize bank accounts, track your spending habits and let the app guide you to where cost savings might be found. To obtain true peace of mind you must first master finance, Grasshopper. Take control of your financial life with Mint.com.

Daily Yoga

An app available for your phone that will guide you through poses, classes and meditation on a daily basis. Stretch, relax and breath deeply with this app that will let you downward dog your way to a more stress-free existence.

Medicalog For Families

Lets you chart medical conditions, medications and treatments for every family member. Using an app like this lowers the possibility of overlooking relevant medical history or forgetting about a medication a family member might be on. You’ll also have a record about which meds worked and when you might need to try something else.

Daily Workouts

We’ve previously covered that your personal trainer at the gym might have been flipping burgers for a living the week before. But you can get an app for your phone that will guide you through various exercises and workout programs every day. With free and paid versions, Daily Workouts lets you set a variable time and exercise routine and guide you through a workout. It’s like your own personal trainer and even the paid version is only $9.99.

With cameras, motion sensors, microphones and digital accelerometers, your phone is an amazing piece of technology. Let that technology work for you to start making your life better and easier.

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